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Kootenay Lake Waterfront Cottage

West Kootenay is in the mountainous southeastern region of British Columbia, Canada, in the Kootenay Ranges of the Southern Rockies. The small towns and villages in the valley bottoms, by the shores of the lakes and alongside the rivers that flow through the valleys are dominated by three major mountain ranges, the Purcells, the Selkirks and the Monashees, and important sub-ranges, like the Valhallas.

There are few places in North America where the air is fresher, or the flowing water clearer and colder. There will be twists and turns on the road before you find your own nature within the nature you discover here in the Kootenays, but it will be so worth it. Most of West Kootenay is part of British Columbia's inland rainforest. The trees grow tall during the long spring, summer and fall. Winters fall down the mountainsides. The lower edge of the mantle of snow that lasts ten months of the year on the tallest mountain peaks descends gradually in the fall until it is winter in the valleys. While it is usually mild in the valley communities year-round, deep powder snow cloaks the flanks of the mountains and fills the bowls in the alpine during the winter. In spring the snows slowly retreat back up the slopes with some peaks retaining their snow cover into August. There are breathtaking opportunities for recreation in this pristine mountain playground throughout the year.

Our location is a unique spot in this special area - while the shores of Kootenay Lake run north-south, we are on the tip of Woodbury Point which juts out into the lake and gives us a spectacular view down the lake and a great southern exposure with protection from the North winds. We are close to Kaslo - the nearest town for some shopping and many attractions - and Ainsworth Hotsprings where you can explore the hot water caves and relax.

Our property includes two Cabins - the main log cabin where we live and our guest cabin. The guest cabin is about 1200 sq ft with a kitchen, eating area, living room, full bathroom (including washer and dryer) and a main bedroom with a queen size bed. A spiral staicase leads to the loft where there is a half bathroom and another queen bed plus a double bunk for kids. At the front, on the main level, is a large deck with panoramic views of Kootenay Lake. It's a great place to start your day and to enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets over the lake.

If you enjoy fishing, there is a special fishing dock down at water level plus a rock stairway into the water if you want to go for a refreshing swim. It's a great spot for a vacation at anytime, but especially so during the summer when days are long and nights are warm.

Gatehouse Photo

Looking for something more intimate?

An alternative choice, offering honeymoon seclusion for two occupants, is also found here on Woodbury Point. This ➹ two person cabin is owned by our good friends and close neighbours, Loraine and Barney.

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