Kootenay Lake Cottage Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Are these questions really asked frequently?

A1) No! But these question have come up at least once and by putting the answers here, hopefully it's useful to others too. If you have a question send it to The Webmaster and your question will get posted here along with our response.

Q2) If I use your booking request form, does the information I provide remain private and secure?

A2) We have done several things to protect the privacy of your personal information.  Please see our Privacy Statement for more information.

Q3) We have a very well-behaved pet that we would like to bring. Can we do that?

A3) Sorry, but no! We have had trouble with well-behaved pets in the past including costly damage so we no longer permit any pets.

Q4) We would like to paddle on Kootenay lake.  Do you have suggestions?

A4) Yes, we paddle on the lake frequently so we can provide suggestions.  If you need kayaks, they can be rented in Kaslo and they will deliver them here.  Send us an email and we can provide more info.

Q5) Do you have TV and WIFI?

A5) We have a small TV and satellite TV service - we subscribe to the basic channel package.  Our fibre internet connection is reliable and fairly high speed and your access to that is via a Wireless LAN.

Q6) I don't see anything on this page that answers my question. What now?

A6) Congratulations! You have found a question that's not asked "frequently". Here's your opportunity to get a personalized reply and also get your question added to this FAQ. Just send an e-mail to the webmaster. If he can't answer your question, he'll send it to someone who can. If we think it's a good question (of course it is!), the question and the answer will get added to this FAQ. Cool eh?

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